• Establishing Digital Systems the first Bulgarian Internet Provider.

1989 1990

  • E-mail and network news are offered for the first time.


  • Internet services are offered in partnership with EUnet;
  • Initiating a policy of preferential prices for the areas of education, science, medicine, the army and police;
  • Creating a register for the Internet names in the .bg zone;
  • Registering the first domain names in the .bg zone: bgnic.bg, danbo.bg, digsys.bg.


  • Full TCP/IP Internet access is offered for the first time.



  • Setting up dedicated leased analog channel Varna - Amsterdam;
  • Creating the first autonomous Internet system in Bulgaria;
  • Offering, jointly with other members of EUnet Network for Mobile Internet Access - the EUnet Traveller - a worldwide service for faxing via the Internet.


  • Clients of the company are over 20 universities in Bulgaria;
  • First digital channel, Sofia - Amsterdam.


  • First satellite channel, Sofia Amsterdam;
  • Building a dispatch system for 24 hour infrastructure monitoring;
  • Creating the first Bulgarian web-based system with a database access - Bulgarian News - a virtual multimedia environment for free access and publication of information on the Internet submitted by newspapers, magazines, books, scientific journals, and textbooks.


  • Satellite channels from the U.S. to several cities in the country;
  • Digital Systems begins offering wireless networks and wireless access to the Internet;
  • Creating the tourist information and reservation system, TourInfo, the first of its kind system in Bulgaria, which was ahead of its time;
  • The first online legal directory DEJURE+ .


  • Combining voice and data in a single network: integration of IP telephony;
  • Building of virtual private networks (VPN);
  • Offering Internet access via ISDN line;
  • Offering pre-payed cards for Internet access;
  • Offering online purchase of "Citizen's Responsibility" car insurance.


  • Local centers of Internet access in 50 towns in Bulgaria;
  • Digital channels for communication between Sofia and 25 cities in the country;
  • Clients are over 40 educational institutions.


Division of "Digital Systems" into 3 areas of activities:

  • Digital System LTD – Internet provider, building and support of computer systems and networks, Internet/Intranet infrastructures and communication equipment;
  • Register.BG Ltd. - registration, support and management of domain names in the .bg zone;
  • Digital Systems Limited Ltd. - design and development of software solutions, informational systems and databases.


  • Local centers of Internet access in 60 towns in Bulgaria;
  • Introduction of cable Internet access;
  • Website for current weather conditions and weather forecasts for Bulgaria and the World - weather.digsys.bg, vremeto.v.bg. The first in its kind system for online monitoring of the weather on the Balkans, it automatically displays the current temperature for numerous locations throughout the whole country. The data is provided by the company "TV - MET";
  • In 2003 the site received ComputerSpace 2nd place award for web design.


  • Offering online payment.


  • Development and implementation of a web-based integrated library information system for Regional Library "Pencho Slaveikow", Varna.


  • Integration and utilization of a fully automated system for registration of domain names in the .bg zone and its sub-zones.


  • Registration and management of domains with digital certificates for electronic signature;
  • Integration of DNSSEC (DNS security);
  • .bg becomes the world's second domain area signed with DNSSEC;
  • The world's first register to offer fully automated DNSSEC.



  • Payment by credit card.

The first partner and distributor in Bulgaria of:

  • Cisco Systems (19921997.);
  • Telebit (19912002.);
  • Patton Electronics (19982002.).